Spotlight on: The Recipe

‘The future of food and drink’ seemed like a mammoth statement from our catering friends at The Recipe. Working in collaboration with Uk-based cookery wizards nufood we were invited for some futuristic industry fun.

The canapes and cocktails were literally off this planet. If we were forced to choose a favourite, we’d reach for the Berry Blimey cocktail (don’t judge). The nufood part of the concoction looked like a raspberry, had the texture of a raspberry and tasted like a raspberry to end all raspberries, it was geek-tacular.

Now here’s the science….
Controlled by an accompanying app the nufood Robot 3D Printer creates customised ‘flavour bursts’ natural ingredients encapsulated in joyous liquid bombs of delight.

It’s official, the future of food and drink has definitely landed.
Thank you for having us The Recipe Team x

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