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  • Hayford & Rhodes are a firm favourite with couples seeking a truly professional florist with an exemplary reputation. We are London’s oldest family florist with over 80 years’ industry experience.

    Our fantastic wedding planner is at your service to provide inspiration and guidance every step of the way to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.

  • Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding with close family or a more lavish reception for 600 guests, our talented design team work tirelessly to ensure your flowers are styled to perfection and exceed your every expectation.

    View our wedding gallery below for ideas and inspiration.

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  • Summer at the Palace

  • It is always an absolute pleasure to be invited to bring the Hayford & Rhodes floral touch to one of the Historic Royal Palaces, on this occasion the stunning Orangery at Kensington Palace.

    It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the H&R team are in their element when it comes to designing with colour. Playful, relaxed, colourful summery pastels were the key words gifted to us by our gorgeous bride and groom. We set out to create the ultimate eclectic summer palette choosing the most delicious flowers of the season in a colour combination sent from Pantone heaven.

  • Keeping the look fresh and clean, masses of flowers adorned tall elegant clear glass vases with Peonies, Sweet Peas, Chamomile Daisy and Scabiosa in abundance. We were even lucky enough to get our hands on the last wave of tulips (they are a personal favourite of the Bride).

    One of the many joys of wedding floristry is receiving that perfectly enveloped letter of thank you containing the coveted secret code to the wedding pics… oh the wedding pics! We’re sure you’ll agree the Bride’s fun and uplifting personality shine’s through in every aspect of such a beautiful day.

    Images courtesy of the incredible Ross Harvey

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  • Inspired by Nature

  • The creativity was bursting from the seams following the initial meeting with this particular Bride and Groom. When we discovered the super talent that was the Bride Victoria planned to illustrate each individual table placement with a miniature version of the guests themselves, we knew we were in for something special!

    A love for the countryside became a source of inspiration from which the beautiful design scheme grew. We created Victoria’s colourful bouquet out of the wildest looking flowers of the season, Poppies, Peonies, Tulips, Lupins, Ranunculas, and David Austin Roses arranged almost like they could have been picked from the countryside.

  • Influenced by the wilds of nature, greenery prevailed throughout the pure white walls of the beautiful Kensington Palace Orangery with canopy like tablescapes of pure, natural, uninterrupted Beech foliage. Arrangements of greenery, by rights, don’t need to be over complicated, they simply needs a skilled nudge in the right direction to enable the beauty of foliage to shine through.

    Bringing the outdoors in is bang on trend for this coming season and we simply adore the look. Nature provides florists with foliage for a reason and for that we thank nature!

    A special thank you to Marianne Taylor for the gorgeous images.
    The talented Victoria Fitzroy Design.

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  • Candlelit Elegance

  • We recently ventured up to Yorkshire with Collection 26 for one of the largest and most beautiful weddings we’ve ever had the pleasure to work on.  Our vans were full to the brim with thousands and thousands of stems of white delphinium, hydrangea and orchids which we used to create a spectacular floral backdrop to this most glamorous of weddings!

    The entrance to the church was transformed by a stunning walkway of all white delphinium lining either side of the porch.  Once inside, guests were greeted by a plethora of magnificent stone urns overflowing with delphinium.  Even the font was filled with delphinium!  Perfect domes of white hydrangea decorated the aisle and the back of the church looked divine with a carpet of flickering candlelight.

  • For the marquee drinks reception, we continued this elegant simplicity but added a contemporary twist by placing beautiful glass urns with white delphinium all around the perimeter of the room.  The piece de résistance was the central circular sofa which we filled completely with a towering display of delphinium to create a fabulous focal point.

    In the dramatic blacked out dining marquee, we complemented the Asian menu and styling with glorious statement tablecentres of all white phalaenopsis orchids flowing down from tall black flute vases.  Against the black room, the orchids looked as though they were ‘floating’ floral canopies above the tables!

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  • Mayfair Magnificence

  • Working with the lovely team at Collection 26 , this has to be one of our favourite weddings ever!  We used individual flowers en masse to create a clean, contemporary look which oozed sophistication and glamour.

    For the Greek Orthodox ceremony, we adorned the large marble columns around the altar with oversized domes of voluminous white hydrangea which flowed into beautiful cascading garlands.  The base of the columns were covered with a carpet of white hydrangea and surrounded by a halo of fresh white rose petals and candles to create a truly romantic, magical atmosphere.

  • The reception was held at the magnificent One Mayfair.  Here we had a lot of fun creating a dramatic, contemporary installation in the central entrance hall which was certainly a sight to behold!

    This wedding is a great example of how using an abundance of the same flower creates a seriously stylish and contemporary look.

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  • City Chic

  • We’ve been dying to share this super stylish wedding with you…and here it is courtesy of the gorgeous Bride and Groom, Laura and Hywel and their ultra talented photographer Caught the Light.

    Working together with One Marylebone our brief was to create a romantic atmosphere whilst keeping the designs chic and stylish. We installed breath-taking 12ft silver birch trees for the ceremony and designed a collection of monocrome displays for the reception.

  • We styled row upon row of delicately landscaped scented flowers. The key to this floral trend is to use a mix of flowers and fresh green foliage in differing heights and shapes.

    To achieve the look, style a mix of floral posies in masses of crystal clear vases and combine with classic silverware and hundreds of flickering tealights.

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