The Official BAFTA Nespresso Nominees Party

As if to be working within the walls of the prestigious Historic Royal Palaces Events Kensington Palace isn’t enough, to be commissioned to supply glorious florals for the BAFTA, Nespresso, Official Nominees Party is an absolute honour. Luxury event planner DDA Live perfectly orchestrated the star-studded affair with the help of HRP Events preferred suppliers Hayford & Rhodes, Bubble and Ingenius alongside designer Laurent Paoli.

The design roots were firmly planted within the origins of coffee with a strong focus on fresh, luscious greenery. Ingenius Design crafted a series of angles, strong lines and varied perspectives throughout the production where we softened the edges with delicate foliages to appear almost floating yet with some serious form if viewed at the right angle. A glorious side step in design from the greenhouse look of 2018’s event.


Smilax was the star of the show and a firm Hayford & Rhodes favourite. If we were to try and describe its nature we’d cross a trailing Jasmine with the fresh, vibrant form of a Euphorbia. From the ceiling of the bar to the showstopping lanterns lining the VIP dinner, the look was simply stunning.


Moving away from classic white accents supporting the centre stage foliages the florals comprised of a rich plum and aubergine colour palette represented through seasonal favourites Fritillaria and moody Hellebores, punctuated with softly scented Sweet Pea.

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