Why we should gift our Mums with Mother Nature this Mother's Day

Mother Nature personifies the life giving and nurturing aspects of nature, just like the gifts our own Mother’s gave to us. The word nature comes from the latin word ‘natura’ meaning birth or character. Our Mother's Day collection has been curated with that character in mind.

Mother Nature is our speciality and we have used her finest ingredients to create an individual personality for each off our luxury bouquets.

Each special occasion brings a set of brand new botanical gifts, unique to Hayford & Rhodes. Mothering Sunday brings the 'Mother Nature' and the 'Chrysanthemum' Botanicals, each boasting a smorgasbord of delights.

We have paired the wonderfully detailed silver Chrysanthemum flower necklace from our partners in craft Alex Monroe. With Cuvee Rose Champagne, one of the stars from the House of Laurent Perrier and Prestat Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles (175g), piped with a rich Champagne-infused ganache. What makes the Chrysanthemum Botanical Gift Set so special is the preserved Amelia pale pink and apricot garden roses, surrounded with soft, scented foliages to awake the senses with this experiential gift.

Soft, silky and heavily laden with flowers, The Duchesse Bouquet is regal. A divine combination of Playa Blanca, Majolika and Ador Avalanche Roses nestled amongst sweetly scented lilac and English country garden foliages.

 Whatever the personality of your lovely mama, free spirited, colourful, patient or all of the above we have the perfect gift to send this Mother's Day, Sunday 31st March.

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