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Rated by Vogue magazine as one of the best wedding florists in London, our expert team work with you from initial consultation to the day itself, delivering beautiful, luxurious and quality floral designs for your wedding.

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Jaclyn Lintern

To Syon Park for this glorious spring wedding. Jaclyn came to us with a brief centred on neutral, soft colours: Soft pinks, ivory and clean white. Such delicate colours were perfect for the time of year – April – as we were able to work with in-season favourites including white and pink Sweet Peas, Lilac, soft pink Astilbe and Snowdrops.

For the wild flower feel for Jaclyn’s bouquet, we used a Hayford & Rhodes signature flower, the Hydrangea, amongst white Viburnum, white O’Hara roses and champagne ivory Vendella roses; soft pink Peony, Jasmine and white Dicentra, with depth from lush, dark green foliage.

This theme was continued into the reception, where tall, graceful table centres of soft spring foliage, lime green viburnum and flowering spirea created a ‘wow’ factor. Loose hand-tied displays of Hydrangeas, peonies, sweet peas, roses and foliage in low, clear glass bowls adorned the tables around the base of the tall vases. A mix of bottles and bud vases scattered throughout with single-flower displays allowed the unique beauty of each individual flower to be appreciated.

When working with such delicate flowers such as snowdrops and sweet peas, and with such soft tones, the beauty is in the simplicity of the design and the final arrangement around the venue. Using real-flame votive candles and tea lights finished off the look with a gentle, warming glow.

Lara loved the foliage trend of 2017, so we went to town with greenery in the conservatory centrepieces. The Glass Conservatory at Syon Park is renowned for the natural light filtering through the famous glass dome, against the minimalist white interior. Flowers too bright would overwhelm the venue, and if too minimalist, would get lost. Our challenge was to get the soft tone of the florals just right, and the Bride and Groom, Jaclyn and George, were delighted with our involvement in their beautiful wedding day.

Photos by Will Patrick Photography

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Summer at the Palace

It is always an absolute pleasure to be invited to bring the Hayford & Rhodes floral touch to one of the Historic Royal Palaces, on this occasion the stunning Orangery at Kensington Palace.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the H&R team are in their element when it comes to designing with colour. Playful, relaxed, colourful summery pastels were the key words gifted to us by our gorgeous bride and groom. We set out to create the ultimate eclectic summer palette choosing the most delicious flowers of the season in a colour combination sent from Pantone heaven.

Keeping the look fresh and clean, masses of flowers adorned tall elegant clear glass vases with Peonies, Sweet Peas, Chamomile Daisy and Scabiosa in abundance. We were even lucky enough to get our hands on the last wave of tulips (they are a personal favourite of the Bride).

One of the many joys of wedding floristry is receiving that perfectly enveloped letter of thank you containing the coveted secret code to the wedding pics… oh the wedding pics! We’re sure you’ll agree the Bride’s fun and uplifting personality shine’s through in every aspect of such a beautiful day.

Images courtesy of the incredible Ross Harvey

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Inspired by Nature

The creativity was bursting from the seams following the initial meeting with this particular Bride and Groom. When we discovered the super talent that was the Bride Victoria planned to illustrate each individual table placement with a miniature version of the guests themselves, we knew we were in for something special!

A love for the countryside became a source of inspiration from which the beautiful design scheme grew. We created Victoria’s colourful bouquet out of the wildest looking flowers of the season, Poppies, Peonies, Tulips, Lupins, Ranunculas, and David Austin Roses arranged almost like they could have been picked from the countryside.

Influenced by the wilds of nature, greenery prevailed throughout the pure white walls of the beautiful Kensington Palace Orangery with canopy like tablescapes of pure, natural, uninterrupted Beech foliage. Arrangements of greenery, by rights, don’t need to be over complicated, they simply needs a skilled nudge in the right direction to enable the beauty of foliage to shine through.

Bringing the outdoors in is bang on trend for this coming season and we simply adore the look. Nature provides florists with foliage for a reason and for that we thank nature!

A special thank you to Marianne Taylor for the gorgeous images.
The talented Victoria Fitzroy Design.

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